The Great Debate: Which Refrigerator is right for you?

There are literally hundreds of refrigerators options to choose from. Whether you’re picking based on size, color, functionality, features, or simply shopping a brand name; you could spend weeks comparing them all. The most common color option these days is stainless steel, although black and the traditional white are still economical options. I’m going to give you a little bit of information about the two most common types people ask for; one being the Side by Side and the other being the French Door. Hopefully after reading my article you will take away an idea of what would work best for you and maybe even a little terminology to ease the shopping process. Side-by-side-refrigerator The Side by Side is most commonly abbreviated, SXS, allowing appliance dealers to move more efficiently through the quoting and invoicing process. Most of the time your estimates will come labeled this way. The SXS refrigerator is all about convenience, it allows for easier organization in both the refrigerator and freezer portions as it has top to bottom shelving on both sides. You can easily store the most used items at a comfortable height. Both sides are opened by a door, so there is no drawer to pull, which could be heavy once filled. The doors meet in the middle so they are half the width of the refrigerator instead of the full width. This allows for an easier fit in narrow spaces and smaller kitchens. Let’s face it, most builders are going compact these days in the kitchen area. It’s all about packing into the smallest space possible. This builder thought process influenced the SXS design. The doors on both sides will easily close with just a nudge, you don’t have to second guess if you closed the refrigerator or not when you pushed it with your elbow, they are separately sealed. French Door Then there is the French Door, which is the refrigerator of choice for those who cook a lot or are planning a grand type kitchen environment. The French Door makes it easy for you to place all of you commonly used items at a comfortable height while still having extra width and height adjustable shelving for things like a whole turkey or large pizza. Making this a great refrigerator option for those that host often or cook for the family during the holidays and are always in and out of the refrigerator. Plus your crisper drawer sits around waist height so you’re not constantly bending over. You have the entire width of the refrigerator to work with again but still have the half door design. They will fit into a narrower space and still allow for easy access and shorter doors. to move around. All your food items are at and easily visible height and not more than an arm’s length away at all times, keeping your food from getting lost in the back and only found when an odor is calling your name. There are a couple of things to remember when shopping for a new refrigerator no matter what type you are looking at or decide on. You want to have easily adjustable shelves as everyone uses different products coming in many shapes and sizes. No one refrigerator setting fits every household, so you want to be able to easily adjust your shelves for your desired space setup. Keeping with the ease of use theme, ask about drawer glides. Once you start filling your crisper drawers and deli drawer full, naturally the weight pushes down. Having a drawer glide system allows for easy opening and closing which in turn keeps your shelves from breaking. A broken shelf means money spent and we are all trying to save money these days which means you want a refrigerator that is energy efficient with food preservation technology. All refrigerators have to meet a certain level of energy efficiency these days, but it would hurt to ask if the model you like is energy star certified. Often times this will give you a discount with your power company. Lastly, remember to ask if the brand name you pick is currently offering any mail-in rebates. It won’t always add up to a lot but you can normally cover your install prices! Happy Shopping!!

The Great Debate: Which Refrigerator is right for you?

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