Preventing a smelly situation….

Do you have a front load washer? Do you find that your clothes are coming out smelling slightly mildewed?

Is there a moldy situation in your washer? We can help....

Most people don’t realize, or even think about the fact that a front load washer is actually very different than a top load. The main difference is the seal. If you think about it, a top load washer lid simply closes, or lies down over the machine. The weight of the lid itself keeps it down and in place, but with a front loader there a lot more involved. There is a rubber seal that goes around the inside edge and the door itself locks in place. These features are critical to keep water from leaking out the front of the machine, but in doing so; they create an air tight seal inside. This air tight seal is a perfect environment for mold and mildew to thrive.

Here are a couple of things you can do to help….

Keeping your door open prevents mold from building upNumber 1: Keep your washer door open at all times except when it’s in use! It doesn’t have to stay wide open, only cracked. This will not only allow air into the machine so that it can properly dry out, it will also help keep moisture from sitting on the rubber seal. Rubber is a prime location for mold and mildew to develop causing a foul odor.

HE-symbolNumber 2: Pay close attention to the type of cleaning and softening products you are using! All front load washers are recommended to be run using ONLY HE detergent. HE detergent can be found at any of your current laundry supply locations. The solution is compounded differently and therefore the dissolving agents are very different. Again, everything is about keeping that rubber seal is good condition and not putting harsh chemicals on it that may cause it to break down. It is recommended to use VERY little fabric softener and detergent in front load washers…If you over use fabric softener it can affect the composition of the rubber seal as well. Never use more than 1 tablespoon per load.

Affresh can be found at any local laundry supply stores...Number 3: If you find that you already have a slight smell developing, never fear! Simply buy a cleaning agent to run through an empty cycle. The most common one out there and the one we recommend is ‘Affresh’. It can be found at most any of your current laundry supply locations. Simply follow the directions on the box, though sometimes if a smell has set in already you may have to run two applications….

It is not recommended to start a cycle of clothes in the morning and leave the house, even sitting all day can cause mildew to begin and once started it will continue….Following these simple guidelines stated above is guaranteed to help keep your front load washer and clothes smelly fresh and clean!!

A clean and happy front load washer!

Preventing a smelly situation….