~~~Take it to the Dark Side!~~~

See the light this summer and give your kitchen a make-over, take it to the dark side!

BSS set

              KitchenAid has turned the corner in kitchen design, they’ve introduced the first ever Black Stainless Collection of appliances and it’s absolutely gorgeous! The appliances feature a flat black finish with silver stainless professional grade handles with red button finishes!! They are just now becoming available for purchase and we look forward to installing them for our customers. The Black Stainless color has a Refrigerator, Dishwasher, Wall Oven, and Range Hood option. They will soon be producing a microwave and range option….Take a moment to look at the designer kitchens and tell us what you think! If you already have black stainless appliances, post pictures for us to see 🙂

These appliances look great with light colored cabinets.

Light cabinets

They look sleek and professional with dark colored cabinets…..

dark cabinets...

Or my personal favorite the elegance of black and white!

BSS bw kitchen

             How ever you decide to style your new kitchen make sure you buy the prefect accessories to decorate it with! KitchenAid also offers a long line of small counter-top appliances to enhance you look. These red ones match the professional handle red button finishes perfectly……

BSS accessTheses appliances are made to inspire, the beautiful flat black finishes is the perfect thing to add that extra touch…..Take the full tour at KitchenAid.com by following this link! http://www.kitchenaid.com/major-appliances/premium-kitchen-appliances/#black

~~~Take it to the Dark Side!~~~

*Life Hack Alert* Cleaning your Stainless Steel Appliances

Smudged Stainless Fridge       ref stainless

We all love our stainless steel appliances, they add that perfect final touch to any kitchen setup, but anyone who has them knows there’s a sneaky little side effect that accompanies them. SMUDGES! Be it rubs, spills, or simply finger prints, even the tiniest little touch can leave behind a streaking smudge. Try as we might, at times it can seem impossible, and expensive to keep our stainless appliances looking fresh and streak free clean like the day we got them. Forget trying all those store bought cleaners, they can be expensive and often times leave behind a residue themselves.

There are only a few things that you need to have to keep your stainless steel appliances clean and streak free and most of them you may have already at the house: a small spray bottle, micros fiber cloths, vinegar, rubbing alcohol, dish soap and water!

spray bottle     micro fiber cloths     vinegar

alcohol     dish soapwater

When it comes to removing streaks and smudges, we like to start of easy and increase from there….Start with your refrigerator since it’s the largest. Simply fill your spray bottle with water and spray down your entire appliance. Starting at the top and working down simply wipe down the appliance with your microfiber cloth and work in a side to side motion. Remember to go with the grain of you stainless so you don’t accidentally scratch the appliances. Once you reach the bottom use another microfiber cloth or the other side of your current cloth and repeat the same pattern. When you step back you’ll be surprised how nice your stainless looks!

Now, if you find that you need a little more cleaning power then we recommend one of nature’s number one natural cleaning helpers, vinegar. Vinegar can be used in a number of fashions when it comes to cleaning the house, many of which we’ll discuss in later blogs, but for now, lets clean some appliances! In your spray bottle mix 1 part water and 1 part vinegar, then simply repeat the method I mentioned earlier. Now, these tips are for cleaning off those pesky smudges and streaks, if you already know you have food caked onto your refrigerator, then we need to add a step at the beginning. Mix two to three squirts of dish soap into your spray bottle of water and spray the entire appliance from top to bottom. Wipe down the appliance in the same fashion we’ve been discussing, remembering to turn over or use a fresh cloth after the first pass, and then remove the streaks with plain water or your water/vinegar mixture.

The final step to a sparkling bright kitchen is to make those stainless appliances shine! To make your kitchen shine mix 1 part water and 1 part rubbing alcohol, spray down the appliance and repeat the wiping side to side motion. Then step back and observe your money saving efforts, your appliances should be clean and shine like new without breaking the bank! Happy Cleaning!

*Life Hack Alert* Cleaning your Stainless Steel Appliances